Simon Løffler portrait concert at G((o))ng tomorrow

Ensemble Adapter presents a concert by and with Simon Løffler at G((o))ng Tomorrow on 7 November

Simon Løffler has written music for instrumentations like neon lights, toy instruments and guitar pedals as well as traditional instruments transformed in various ways. His works range from intimate set-ups to egnimatic constructions, and this can be heard - and seen - in the portrait concert at G((o))ng Tomorrow.

Løffler and Ensemble Adapter will present five works composed over the past eight years. ‘E’ is performed on a geometrical sculpture of neon lights forming a number of triangles shimmering and crackling throughout the piece. In ‘D’ written for violin, viola, cello, glockenspiel and gran cassa the music is performed so softly that it appears to be coming from another room, and ‘Monodactyl’ is written for five musicians each playing only with one finger.

Adapter is a German-Icelandic ensemble based in Berlin, specialized in contemporary music. Following the performance at G((o))ng Tomorrow they will tour a number of venues with the portrait concert.

Simon Løffler's 'e' performed by Speak Percussion

Wednesday 7 November 20:00
G((o))ng Tomorrow
Copenhagen Contemporary
Copenhagen (DK)

Friday 9 November 20:30
Unterdeck, Elbphilharmonie
Hamburg (DE)

Saturday 10 November 21:00
Hellerau, 4:3 Kammermusik Neu
Dresden (DE)

Wednesday 14 November 20:30
Berlin (DE)