Significant work grants for Edition·S composers

The Danish Arts Foundation has granted many composers who have works at Edition·S, significantly James Black who has received a working grant of DKK 250.000.

James Black / Photo: Niklas Ottander

The Danish Arts Foundation provides work grants for a selection of the most promising artists in Denmark each year. This year, 255 composers have received grants of amounts between DKK 40.000 and 250.000 including several Edition·S composers.

James Black is one of four composers, who have received the largest working grant of the amount of DKK 250.000. The motivation of the Danish Arts Foundation committee is as follows:

“With James Black, you encounter a universe of real madness where 'everything goes'. Where DIY video, hopeless choreographed performances, and accurately notated score music – among many other things – in a deliberately unsightly mix make up the work. The impossible is a deliberate dogma resulting in a unified expression, which is chaotic and almost gallows humorous, but where one senses a composer who ultimately has complete control over the final result. He is extremely consistent in what he has set out to do, and perhaps that is why you never doubt that it is James Black and not any other composer you are dealing with.”

Read the motivation in Danish here 

Edition·S has recently conducted an online video interview with James Black about his piece RAUS (2017) · Watch interview

Conversations at a distance with James Black

Many other composers at Edition·S have received work grants from The Danish Art Foundation:

Lars Kynde 70.000 DKK

John Frandsen 70.000 DKK

Christian Winther Christensen 120.000 DKK

Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm 40.000 DKK

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen 40.000 DKK

Morten Ladehoff 70.000 DKK

Eva Noer Kondrup 40.000 DKK

Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki 40.000 DKK

Jexper Holmen 70.000 DKK

Line Tjørnhøj 120.000 DKK

Jeppe Ernst 70.000 DKK

Nicolai Worsaae 70.000 DKK

Jesper Koch 40.000 DKK

Ejnar Kanding 40.000 DKK

Ylva Lund Bergner 70.000 DKK

Martin Stauning 70.000 DKK

Simon Christensen 70.000 DKK

Morten Olsen 40.000 DKK

Jeppe Just Christensen 120.000 DKK

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard 40.000 DKK

Niels Rønsholdt 120.000 DKK

Allan Gravgaard Madsen 70.000 DKK

Stingrimur Rohloff 40.000 DKK

Østen Mikal Ore 40.000 DKK

Hans Peter Stubbe Teglbjærg 40.000 DKK

We congratulate the composers. 

Video interviews with John Frandsen, Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen, Jexper Holmen, Steingrimur Rohloff, Morten Olsen, Martin Stauning, and Niels Rønsholdt have recently been available. Watch the Conversations at a distance here