New staging of 'Drot og Marsk'

In collaboration with Danish Centre for Music Publication Edition·S published a critical/scholarly edition of Peter Heise's opera 'Drot og Marsk' in 2013. Now the Royal Danish Opera will stage this old tale of the struggle for power. 'Drot og Marsk' is directed by Kasper Holten and Amy Lane and will be premiered on 23 March.

Drot og Marsk (Photo: Claus Vedfelt)

Peter Heise's 'Drot og Marsk' (King and Marshal) composed in 1876-78 is considered one of the most important Danish operas ever written. 'Drot og Marsk' was first performed at The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, on 25 September 1878, and was quickly established thereafter as part of the theatre's regular repertoire.

The upcoming staging of 'Drot og Marsk' at The Royal Danish Opera is led by a theatrical dream team with Kasper Holten and Amy Lane as directors and Michael Schønwandt as conductor.

The opera describes the murder of King Erik Klipping in Finderup barn in 1286, one of the most dramatic events in Danish history. In the upcoming performances two of Denmark’s hallmark international opera singers, Johan Reuter and Peter Lodahl, face off as the bloody rivals Marshal Stig and King Erik.

The critical/scholarly edition of the score to 'Drot og Marsk' includes a detailed account of the relationships between the sources of the work together with source-based revisions and variants, undertaken by the editors.
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