New repertoire report

A new report takes a close look at the diversity - or lack of it - in the repertoire performed in 30 Danish music societies.

The report is initiated by the Danish Composers' Society, Edition Wilhelm Hansen, Edition·S and SNYK. It is based on works performed over the past three years, and shows the share of music written by men and women respectively, before and after 1985 and by Danish and foreign composers.

The statistics show an overall inequality with 94,8% of the music written by men, 79,1% by foreign composers and 80,1% written before 1985.

A few societies like AUT break with the pattern. Here the report shows a repertoire with up to 67% works written by female composers, whereas several societies like Bornholm, Hellerup and Hjørring did not include one single work written by a female composer throughout the seasons 2015/16, 16/17 and 17/18.

Never the less the board of the Association of Danish Music Societies and the Danish Composers' Society are optimistic. 

"The repertoire statistic is meant to be a contribution and a tool for the ongoing dialogue and the to the endeavour in Danish music in general to secure a higher degree of diversity in the repertoire, to secure equal access for composers regardless of gender, broaden the international horizon and increase the presentation of more diverse music," says the Chairman of the Board of the Danish Composers' Society, Bent Sørensen.

Read the full report here.

The report follows a repertoire statistic of Danish symphony orchestras, Opera houses, ensembles and festivals published earlier this year. Read it here.