“Falling Awake” – New opera rebels against its creator

Copenhagen · In “Falling Awake”, a brand-new opera by Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki, the main character refuses to do what the libretto tells her to. Welcome to a story of manipulation and rebellion.

The young girl Monde Allesdatter is madly in love with a Chinese boy who is singing on TV. Her sweet father wants to save up money for Monde’s education but ends up spending it all on an old mechanical doll and a magic spinning wheel.

Falling Awake (2017) tells the story of rebellion against those who control your destiny. Monde finds out her life is controlled by the libretto, and so she decides to refuse to sing what Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki wants her to.

“Just like a lot of other people I’m concerned about the current state of the world,” Piasecki says about his new opera, which will be premiered at this year’s KLANG Festival. “Falling Awake reflects this concern.”

Lucid dreams
The title, Falling Awake, refers to lucid dreams, in which you are aware that you are dreaming. “You are awake even though you are still dreaming,” Piasecki says in an interview. “So is it reality, or is it not reality?”

Monde finds herself waking up, while the other characters are not aware they are still dreaming. There are parallels to life on social media, fake news and the question of objectivity.

“You need to confront reality. You can’t exist in a dream world, an alternative reality. With Falling Awake I’ve destroyed some of the abstract, innocent spaces that usually inhabit my works, because they present a risk of becoming escapes from reality.

There will be five performances of Falling Awake during the KLANG Festival. Lasse Schwanenflügel Piasecki has created both music and libretto, Jannie Rask is the scenographer, Marie Brolin-Tani the choreographer, Astrid Kjær the puppeteer, and the ensemble Lydenskab will perform the music with Jakob Hultberg conducting. Cast: Morten Grove Frandsen, Sara Fusager, Ellen Kristiansen and Zhang Xin.

Falling Awake, 25-29 May
Folketeatret, Hippodromen
Nørregade 39, Copenhagen
Tickets: 120/90 DKK