Hindsgavl Festival 2019

We are looking forward to experience works by Mette Nielsen and Simon Steen-Andersen on this year's Hindsgavl Festival, July 7-14th 2019.

Hindsgavl Festival 2018 - Photo: Mathias Løvgreen

Hindsgavl Festival will be held at July 7-14th 2019, and Mette Nielsen and Simon Steen-Andersen are on this year's programme.

Thursday July 11th 3.30 pm Simon Steen-Andersen's 'Black Box Music' will be perfomed by Håkon Stene and Århus Sinfonietta. 'Black Box Music' was published in 2012 and is written for percussion solo, amplified box, 15 instruments and video, and is unique in the way the stage meant as an instrument. On Edition·S' description page, Black Box Music is said "... to be a deconstruction of conducting and puppet theatre as well as an exploration and exploitation of the audio/visual relations inherent in conducting and staging". In a review, Seismograf wrote: "His [Simon Steen-Andersen] project is intellectual, but intuitive. Furtively but precise. Free but in a strict direction. Virtuoso but also fragile". Read the review here

See Black Box excerpts.

Friday July 12th 10.30 pm works by Mette Nielsen will be performed by Nadia Radimandresy, Alexandra Hallén, and Ying-Hsueh Chen on the venue: 'Havestuen'. In Edition·S' description of the composer, it says: "Mette Nielsen often works with what she calls the almost unison or imperfect unison – a state of friction that opens up a space where small differences become clearer and micro-tones and sounds are made audible". In May she was present at KLANG-festival where her works 'Isfjeldet' and 'Circles' were performed. We interviewed her shortly. Read more here. 

See full programme for Hindsgavl Festival here.