Gravgaard Madsen Premiere at Warsaw Autumn

ensemble recherche will premiere Allan Gravgaard Madsen’s ‘SUITE’ at Warsaw Autumn on 22 September.

Photo: Stine Vejen

Allan Gravgaard Madsen has been collaborating with the widely acclaimed German ensemble recherche since 2013 and now they are to premiere his ‘SUITE’ in five movements at the prestigious Warsaw Autumn. 

'SUITE' is a continuation of the tradition of Johann Sebastian Bach's Orchestral Suites and all the titles are inspired by the titles in the orchestra suites by Bach. You might even trace just a slight shadow of Bach's music beneath Gravgaard Madsen’s strict and quiet compositions.

“I like to work with shadows and distortion in my music,” Allan Gravgaard Madsen says. “I also like to work with registers on the instruments so they sound similar. In that way they become a doppelgänger of each other and sound alike - without being the same.”

Allan Gravgaard Madsen has implemented an accelerando throughout 'SUITE', and the durations of the movements go from the opening Ouverture’s 10 calm minutes to the closing Réjouissance at a blazing 5 seconds. 

I am very fascinated by the accelerando-form at the moment, because it can be a way to keep the tension up throughout a piece.”

Ouverture involves the whole ensemble of 8 musicians. It was commissioned and premiered by ensemble recherche as a separate work at Ultraschall Berlin in 2017. Air I and Air II are revised versions of the piece Allan Gravgaard Madsen wrote for the ensemble when he took part in their Klassen-Arbeit project in 2014-2015. Gigueis written for three winds and percussion, and Réjouissance again involves all 8 musicians in ensemble recherche.

“SUITE is a piece that has been on its way for several years, so I'm very excited to hear this complete version,” says Gravgaard Madsen, who will travel to Freiburg for rehearsals with ensemble recherche in the coming week.

At Warsaw Autumn ‘SUITE’ will be premiered at a concert also featuring works by Stefano Gervasoni, Zbigniew Bargielski, Milica Djordjevic and Fausto Romitelli.


Saturday 22 September, 19:30
Warsaw Autumn (PL)
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