Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen · Bumblebees at the Institute of Danish Sound Archeology Salon

The cassette tape by Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen is put into focus in a Salon of Danish Sound Archeology during the Festival G((O))NG Tomorrow.

Bumblebee inlay

Originally published by Edition·S, the Institute of Sound Archeology has re-issued Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen's work Bumblebees (Humlebier). The institute will curate a salon November 3rd, hosting a talk with the composer about his process creating the piece. 

Bumblebees is a special issue on Edition·S as cassette tapes are not normally published. In 1991, as the tape was published, Edition·S wrote: 

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen has created this “static music with buzzing sound formations” on the institute of electronic music D.I.E.M, Aarhus. Through simple motives, repeated in bows, continuing variations without breaks, he has come to create meditative music, close to New Age, but still unique. 

There is also a yoga-exercise named ‘the Bumblebee’ where one is to sit with one's fingers in the ears making a buzzing sound - all the way from the inner body. Here too, one should be able to hear the Bumblebees of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen dancing. 

Edition·S usually published score sheets but also has two series of cassette tapes. One live-series and one studio-produced series which this tape is a part of. 

Read more about the work here

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