Album release · Steingrimur Rohloff · Druck

Steingrimur Rohloff's Druck for baritone saxophone, contrabassoon and electronics has been recorded by the duo Soundspaces and released on their self-titled album.

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Steingrimur Rohloff'Druck was written for bassoonist Johannes 
Schwarz and saxophonist Sascha Armbruster of the duo Soundspaces in 2010. They are joined by sound designer Sebastian Schottke on the recording which was recently released at Orlando Records.

The booklet reads: "The beginning of Druck for baritone saxophone, contrabassoon and electronics by the German-Icelandic composer Steingrimur Rohloff does justice to its title, which in German means “pressure”, among other things. Cascading waves and grinding maelstroms form sonic walls; only gradually does this “pressure” recede, and poetic moods come to the fore, as if after a dramatic event (of the soul), lyrical self-reflections were being washed to the surface of our consciousness. The dark memory, however, returns in a reprise varying earlier material; noises mutate into instrumental screams in highly dense interplay. Polyphony at very close quarters and unison passages alternate and interlock."

Click here to listen to Steingrimur Rohloff: Druck performed by Soundspaces.

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