Der Herr (vers. II)

Toivo Tulev
Unison female voices, violin, strings, and piano
Instrument(s) + Choir
A4, 17 pages


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This is a second, more extended version of a song (originally for counter-tenor, violin, and piano) written in 1989 on the birthday of Pope John Paul II. The text is a passage from the Becker Psalter (published in 1602) – paraphrasing Psalm 23: The Lord is my shepherd.

Vocal Text

Der Herr ist mein getreuer Hirt,
dem ich mich ganz vertraue,
Zur Weid er mich, sein Schäflein, führt,
Auf schöner grünen Aue,
Zum frischen Wasser leit' er mich,
Mein Seel zu laben kräftiglich
Durchs sel’ge Wort der Gnaden.

English translation

The Lord is my faithful shepherd,
to whom I entrust myself totally,
He leads me, His lamb, to pasture
in a lovely green meadow,
He leads me to fresh water,
to refresh my soul powerfully
through the blessed word of grace.


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