Bill Morrison
Saxophone, percussion, laptop and violin
Video art and gallery installation

Tributes-Pulse is a requiem for the 20th century - the persistence of a pulse, the contractions of the heart ...

This art movie by American filmmaker Bill Morrison (b. 1965) and Danish composer and percussionist Simon Christensen (b. 1971) explores the theme of "pulse" in both music and film - as a force that runs through life, civilization, and nature. Using evocatively deteriorating archival film, Morrison weaves a story from the remnants of disparate narratives. The four sections Shifting, Multiple, Across and Beat, correspond visually to Water, Earth, Fire and Air as defining elements of ‘the frontier'.

The film can be rented for public screenings and gallery installation (use Enquire button above). Full booking package including film and live ensemble is offered as well.

Available formats are HDCam 1080p @ 23.98 PsF Dolby E audio (festival screenings, synchronized with music, or silent for live music performance) and on Blu-ray in a 7.1 surround sound production, HD 1080p (gallery installation).

Festivals and other organisers may be given access to an online verison for pre-screening purposes only. Please enquire for this option.

Commercial Blu-ray distributed worldwide by Dacapo Records.


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Instrument(s) + Choir

Video art and gallery installation

Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra