Towards Nothingness

String quartet, laptop and 4 guitar combos
2-8 instr
B4, 18 pages

Arguably Christensen’s most original chamber music composition to date is Towards Nothingness; it is also perhaps his most extreme. The work can be performed with or without electronics (microphones, small guitar combo amplifiers, PA system and a laptop running Max/MSP), but even without electronics—which is how it was recorded by the Silesian String Quartet in 2009—it is a tremendously assaultive listening experience. A relentless barrage of irregular bowing whose rhythmic instability is heightened by harmonic ambiguity as a result of quartertonal alterations as well as far more miniscule pitch clashes between harmonics which create an audible beating, Towards Nothingness maintains constant momentum despite its stasis through its sheer visceral energy.  (Frank J. Oteri, March 2012) 


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