The Dazzled Eye Lost Its Speech

Rytis Mažulis
(Apstulbusi akis prarado amą)
for mixed choir or four equal voices
Choir a capella
A4, 42 pages


Theatre of Voices Edition is a publishing initiative founded by and under the artistic leadership of the singer and conductor Paul Hillier. Each publication is prepared carefully to meet the standards of professional choir singers and conductors of the 21st century.

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The Dazzled Eye Lost Its Speech (1992) may be sung either by mixed choir or four equal voices - both versions are provided, the former in standard lay-out, the latter in its original form as visual music. 

Vocal Text

The text is a Lithuanian translation by Sigitas Geda of a poem by the Polish poet Stanisław Grochowiak.

English translation:

The dazzled eye lost its speech
It was rolled on the globe 
By a little ant with slender legs

Lithuanian translation:

apstulbusi akis prarado amą
nedidelė skruzdė plonytėm kojom
rito ją per gaublį

Original Polish text: 

Głaz z osłupienia zaniemówił
Niewielka mrówka
Toczyła go po globie niciannymi łapkami



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