Canon Solus

Rytis Mažulis
for four equal voices
Choir a capella
A4, 11 pages


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Canon solus (1998) is based on the principle of ‘canon of any tone’, following the Flemish composer of the late 15th century, Johannes Ockeghem (Missa cuiusvis toni): it could be started on any tone of the diatonic scale (a, g, f, e, etc.). The theme of the canon is subjected to rhythmic and melodic modifications, by means of diminution, augmentation, and retrograde. The four voice texture is made of imitations between the two pairs of voices. 

The canon may be performed by ensemble or choir of equal voices, or mixed voices. In such case, the female and male voices should sing all four parts of the canon, i.e. part I - S1, T1; part II - S2, T2; part III - A1, B1; and part IV - A2, B2.

Vocal Text

Tu solus Dominus. 
Tu solus sanctus
Tu solus altissimus  
Jesu Christe 
Cum sancto spiritu  
In gloria Dei Patris



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