Dust Encapsulated #2

Rune Glerup
fl, cl, pno, vl, vlc
2-8 instr
A3, 44 pages


This work is to a large extent an exploration of the ideas from Objets/décalages. It is a slightly larger work with more objects, which have greater variation in size and complexity – from the overloaded to the banal. It is a work with a high level of energy and it is perhaps therefore that certain objects (or sections) every now and then have a tendency to tip over into the absurd. It is however remarkable that there isn’t only talk of a tour de force in terms of energy and absurdities but that there also arise, at certain points in time, moments which one can almost describe as especially beautiful in their notable introspection. That the piece primarily consists of objects of a somewhat raw character can be seen in the light of his wish to attempt present the objects as being physical, almost as if one could touch them instead of only being part of a transient illusion.



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