Line Tjørnhøj
Line Tjørnhøj
Solo S + trb, vlc, live electronics
Electronic listening music


Using biblical themes and a wide variety of audio sources, Line Tjørnhøj creates a modern, multilayered piece in an attempt to catch a glimpse of sound.

The word glimpse refers to a momentary or partial view, a brief glance at something; in visuals, this is easy to achieve, but with sound almost impossible – sound is dynamic, circumstantial and constantly changing and evolving. For a glimpse of sound to instill the same feelings and moods as a visual glimpse, the instant must be contextualized. In #glimpse, Tjørnhøj takes the listener on a journey through sound with each element as a glimpse in itself coming together as a mosaic, an image of time standing still in sound.

Line Tjørnhøj creates new meanings from old material – in #glimpse through a reinterpretation of Bible texts as the Whore of Babylon from Book of Revelation and the Genesis flood narrative. In #glimpse, the Whore is the manifestation of humanity’s constant sinning, whoring, polluting and craving for more, and the flood is the intent to return the universe to a joyful state of pre-creative chaos – a place of being just before it happens. A #glimpse, so to speak at…

a #song #symphony #soundscape

”Sitting on a scarlet beast
the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a wilderness.
intoxicated with the wine”

Line up: Else Torp, voice; Zoë Martlew, cello; Ivo Nielsen, trombone; Anne Sofie Gehl Sørensen, karate; Henrik Winther Hansen, binaural technique; Morten Olsen, producer; Line Tjørnhøj, concept, composition and idea.



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