The Four Winds

Lars Hegaard
cl, pno, vlc
2-8 instr
A4, 34 pages


The Four Winds is dedicated to Den Fynske Trio (The Funen Trio) who first performed the work at my portrait concert at the Danish art museum Louisiana on February  5th, 1986. The basic inspiration of the work is the following quote from the book ”The Eagle’s Gift” by American author and ethnologist Carlos Castaneda: ”The eagle created the first Nagual man and Nagual woman as seers, thus he made them to be able to see. It provided him with four female warriors that were snipers and three male warriors and a male courier that they were to nourish, improve and lead to freedom. The four female warriors are called the four corners of the world, the four angles of the square, the four moods, the four winds, the four different personalities of the human race. The first female warrior is East. She is called order. She is optimistic, carefree, plain and persistent as a constant breeze. The second warrior is North. She is called strength. She is resourceful, straightforward, direct and stubborn as a hard wind. The third warrior is West. She is called feeling. She is introvert, remorseful, cunning and shrewd as a cold breath of air. The fourth warrior is South. She is called growth. She is nourishing, loud, timid, warm as a hot wind”.

Lars Hegaard



2-8 instr

Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra


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