Koncert for 3 kontrabasser og sinfonietta
3 Double basses solo +
Solo(s) + 9+ instr
B4, 18 pages

”Triptychos” was dedicated to the Danish double bassist Mette Hanskov and was composed with support from the Danish Arts Foundation. The work was first performed by the double bassists Mette Hanskov, Katrine Øigaard and Konstantin Ruso and Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen, which was conducted by Flemming Windekilde in Birkerød near Copenhagen on May 10, 1992.

The double bass is a strange instrument. It has an ignored position in musical life and it has a great tonal range spanning from the lowest tone possible to the high-pitched lyrical cello/viola register. It is well known as the basis of the symphony orchestra where it feels quite comfortable. In spite of this, it makes its way into chamber music once in a while where it is often placed an octave lower than the cello. The double bass is however, also successful as a solo instrument: completely solo or solo with piano or organ or even solo with orchestra. ”Triptychos” features three solo double basses. They play together in a trio, where they play both in harmony and conflict with the orchestra which is a 14-piece sinfonietta ensemble. – But no matter what role is performed by the basses, they always serve as a guide to the strange world of the double bass. The music of the basses has to be self-evident as well as the music of the orchestra. In ”Triptychos” they form a sequence in several minor movements all played without interruption.

The time signatures are as follows: Andante Espressivo – Andante Vivo Con Fuoco – Andante Con Moto Piu Mosso – Adagio

- Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm


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