Tre klaverstykker

Carl Nielsen
Piano solo
B4, 19 pages


The Three Piano Pieces opus 59 are not Carl Nielsen's farewell to the piano as an instrument but nevertheless represent the final stage in his life-long development of a personal solo piano idiom. The work contrasts the vivacious and the lingering; drive and restraint; tonality and atonality; gentleness and brutality; the melodic and the percussive. As was the case with the Sixth Symphony, it has taken a long time for this quaintly grand and thoroughly modern 1920s music to be understood properly, but better late than never! It should be noted in passing that in 1990 the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen (b.1952) arranged a virtuosic instrumentation for chamber ensemble of Nielsen's opus 59. Played well, the Three Piano Pieces in their new guise (score and parts available from Edition Wilhelm Hansen) offer a double portrait of two remarkable characters in 20th-century Danish music; performers and listeners alike will take special interest in programmes that include both versions of op. 59.


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