Carl Nielsen
Organ solo
B4, 28 pages


In a letter Carl Nielsen wrote of Commotio, "I myself think it is my most accomplished work" (or did he mean "elaborate" or perhaps "developed"" The Danish word "gennemført? was a clever choice precisely in this musical context). One is tempted to agree, for it was a formidable series of tasks that Nielsen set himself here - and negotiated with flying colours. Conversely, it will quickly become apparent to anyone who wishes to play Commotio that the work sets the performer a series of no less formidable tasks, as an instrumentalist and an interpreter: tasks that have to be addressed anew on every occasion and for each new organ in its particular surroundings, whether in church or not. Commotio is intended for concert use solely. Nielsen himself was no "child of the church"; he was no organist either, and Commotio did not originate in a commission. The whole enterprise must be seen as yet another of Nielsen's surprises to his surrounding world and perhaps to himself as well. Without any doubt, Commotio is the greatest Danish, even Nordic, single work for organ.



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