Electronic listening music

Cassette inlay: Humlebier

Sequencer (real-time)

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen

Sound edit, sequencer programming

Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen 


Dance of the Electronic Bumblebees I (De elektroniske humlebiers dans I) 20:01

Dance of the Electronic Bumblebees II (De elektroniske humlebiers dans II) 19:50


Dream of the Bumblebee (Humlebiens drøm) 42:29


On this tape, you will find different versions of static music with buzzing sound formations. A steady variation of the combinations of voices and slow changes in their formation. Three versions each in their own tempo, adding different sets of characteristics. The groundwork consists of simple motives repeating themselves. Some of these can modulate each other’s pitches. The music is performed on a sequencer on which changes in tempo, on/off-turned tracks, breaks, and pauses in manipulated in and during the performance which makes one feel like the sound is ‘hanging on’. 

The music is inspired by my interest in the sounds of nature and everyday life as well as Indian music. Furthermore, my inspiration derives from my favorite symbolism: the unity in the diverse - and diversity in the unit. The diversity can be heard in combinations which cannot be heard beforehand but can be exciting for the ears to sense. Like chaos in an order yet to be discovered. Those combinations are in and in-between the tonal nuances, the stereo panning, degree of strength, the melancholic, the rhythmic, and the harmonies. Regarding the harmonies, there is an exploration of the beauty in the ‘false’ notes and chords outside the ordinary piano tune which have been made systematically, in the editorial, and in the performance. And at last, unity - as all these elements and dimensions smelt into one sound.   


Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen has created this “static music with buzzing sound formations” on the institute of electronic music D.I.E.M, Aarhus. Through simple motives, repeated in bows, continuing variations without breaks, he has come to create meditative music, close to New Age, but still unique. 

There is also a yoga-exercise named ‘the Bumblebee’ where one is to sit with one's fingers in the ears making a buzzing sound - all the way from the inner body. Here too, one should be able to hear the Bumblebees of Carl Bergstrøm-Nielsen dancing. 

Edition·S usually published score sheets but also has two series of cassette tapes. One live-series and one studio-produced series which this tape is a part of. 



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