Crowd Crystals - Line Tjørnhøj


Ars nova Copenhagen and Paul Hillier performs Line Tjørnhøjs Crowd Crystals from Art Vox Reportage (commissioned by Ars Nova).
Live at Garnisons Kirke Copenhagen, February 2014. The work is inspired by the texts of Elias Canetti and Clara of Assisi.

Lyrics: Pone mentem tuam in speculo aeternitatis, pone animam tuam in splendore gloriae, 
pone cor tuum in figura divinae substantiae
et transforma te ipsam totam
per contemplationem 
in imagine divinitatis ipsius. Place your mind in the mirror of eternity,
place your soul in the splendour of glory 
place your heart in the figure of the divine substance and transform your entire being 
through contemplation 
into the image of the Divine One himself
(Clara of Assisi, letter to Agnes of Prague, 1238 A.D.)

Crowd crystals are small, rigid groups of men, strictly delimited and of great constancy. Their unity is more important than their size, (Their role must be familiar. They may be allotted different parts, as in a chorus, but they must appear as a unit, and the first feeling of anyone seeing or) experiencing them should be that this is a unit that will never fall apart. (Their life outside the crystal does not count. Even where the unit is merely a professional one, as with choral singers, no one thinks of their private existence; they are the chorus.) (Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power)

Hanna Kappelin, Ann-Christin Wesser Ingels, Kate Macoboy
Ellen Marie Brink Christensen, Kristin Mulders, Amanda Flodin 
Jakob Skjoldborg, Luís Toscano, Paul Bentley
Thomas Kiørbye, Asger Lynge Petersen, Jakob Soelberg

Video by: Julie Malmstrøm