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Educate·S feature collects material from our back-catalogue suitable for teaching, as well as functioning as a platform for new works and series that are specifically made for or suited to teaching purposes. Bach, Brahms and Bartok each composed music in which pedagogic considerations and artistic ambitions combined to form a greater whole – benefiting the musical development of children and young people, and in this way introducing them to new musical experiences.

Here a selection of Edition·S composers’ contribution to this important tradition, such that we continue to encourage curious ears with a nuanced relationship to both classical music and music in general.

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Edition·S has developed a series of instrumental works with pieces written for music school students. The series consists of collections of 10 pieces composed by 10 contemporary composers. In order to ensure that the pieces fit in with the intended user-group, the composers are working in dialogue with an editorial team and receive feedback from music school teachers during the process. The first two volumes, one for piano and one for violin, was published December 2016 followed by pieces for percussion and pieces for guitar in 2017.

Pieces by ten contemporary composers. Purchase for pianoviolin, percussion, guitar, accordion, and cello!

Wood Works

The Danish String Quartet released the album Wood Works in 2014 and soon requests for the sheet music began to flood in. The arrangements have now been published and are particularly well suited as teaching materials. The melodies are captivating and well arranged with varying degrees of difficulty. The pieces can be browsed on our website and the album purchased here. The quartet has furthermore made a number of instruction videos in which the pieces are played in a slow tempo, making it easier to hear and see how the music is made. Browse through the Wood Works. 

Dacapo Records has released The Danish String Quartets album Wood Works. This can be purchased at Dacapo's website.


In 1991 we published 10 Piano Pieces for Teaching Purposes written by Bent Sørensen, Svend Hvidfeldt Nielsen, Niels Rosing-Schow and Anders Nordentoft. The then somewhat younger composers are now established figures that enjoy both local and international success.

The level of difficulty of the pieces varies, and requires a certain level of proficiency in relation to reading music notation. Certain of them have particular requirements concerning dynamics, rhythm and use of the pedal. The full collection can be found here.