Clarinet extravaganza

Simon Steen-Andersen, Mette Nielsen, Birgitte Alsted and Carl Nielsen are included in the concert programme for Jonas Frølund's tour de force in Danish and International clarinet repertoire in Koncertkirken, Copenhagen on 11 May.

Mette Nielsen (foto: Soffi Chancira Larsen)

Mette Nielsen wrote Alone (2021) for Jonas Frølund; a piece for solo basset clarinet. The piece is premiered at this concert, and Mette Nielsen writes:

"The clarinet is alone. That is not necessarily a bad thing. Alone it might be lonely but also free. It exists in the sound world in which it has been placed. Here it moves through the rooms, searching."

Simon Steen-Andersen's De Profundis (2000) is included in Jonas Frølund's concert programme in a version for bass clarinet, and here the clarinettist doubles as a percussionist.  

In the programme notes for the concert, music consultant Svend Ravnkilde writes: "In the preliminary phases, De Profundis is searching, calling, intonating. A late climax reaches a mix of wild cheer and existential anxiety."

Birgitte Alsted wrote Kafka i kirke for Jonas Frølund in 2020 and she tells about the piece in the video above. The epilogue of the piece is performed at this concert by Jonas Frølund and the pianist Manuel Esperilla.

Time and place
Tuesday 11 May 19.30
Koncertkirken, Copenhagen (DK)
The concert will be live-streamed.
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