Album release · Lars Hegaard

A new album released Friday 19 March contains six world premiere recordings of Lars Hegaard’s works for solo guitar as well as for various ensembles with the guitar as centerpoint.

Lars Hegaard has, over more than 40 years, been an important voice in Danish musical life. Centred on the composer’s own instrument, the guitar, Jesper Sivebæk presents six of Hegaard's most important works for small groups. With their refined modernist expressivity, they offer a fascinating picture of the guitar’s possibilities as a solo instrument, as accompanist and as the first amongst equals in chamber music.

In the album booklet, Steen Pade writes: 
"Lars Hegaard’s music deals with the way in which associations and contrasts unfold in time and in relation to each other. His music does this in a kind of musical stream of conscious- ness, where the individual events and musical phenomena follow each other without either association or contrast."

About Four Rhythmical Pieces for guitar solo, he writes: "The individual musical events in Hegaard’s universe can have widely differing references. In Four Rhythmical Pieces, we hear clearly that the composer’s departure point lies in popular music. The strongest contrasts occur between the separate movements, each of which unfolds through association and variation."

Hegaard is quoted from an earlier interview where he explains his compositional principle: “I nearly always operate with several planes, setting them against each other like a sound-sculpture. They need not to change too much in themselves, so their identity is retained, but they move in relation to each other, as though we hear them through a turning prism”

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The album Octagonal Room contains the following works:

Four Rythmical Pieces (1999)
For solo guitar

Trois Poèmes d’Arthur Rimbaud (2003)
For soprano solo and guitar

Rituals (2003)
For guitar and ensemble

Points of Disappearance (2002)
Five studies for guitar and cello

Configurations (1988)
For viola and guitar

Octagonal Room (1999)
For guitar solo and string quartet

The album features:
Jesper Sivebæk, guitar
Signe Asmussen, mezzo-soprano 
Cæcilie Balling, violin
Michal Haring, cello
Ana Angelovska, flute
Eduardo Sanchez, clarinet
Hsiao-Tung Yuan, percussion 
Filip Strauch, piano
Max Artved, conductor 
Morten Zeuthen, cello
Tim Frederiksen, viola 
Alba String Quartet