Rønsholdt piece at online concert by KLANG Festival and P2

Accordionist Andreas Borregaard will perform a radio version of Niels Rønsholdt's piece 'Until Nothing Left' (2017) at a radio concert collaboration between KLANG Festival and DR P2 on June 2nd, 7:20 pm.

KLANG Copenhagen Avantgarde Music Festival (concert programme photo)

KLANG Festival and DR P2 have organized a unique radio concert on Tuesday, 2 June, 7:20 pm. The concert will be broadcast on P2 from Literaturhaus in Copenhagen and streamed live from KLANG Festival’s Facebook page.

The concert revolves around how music is created, performed, and presented during the corona situation. A number of composers, musicians, and ensembles will perform, and several artists will be interviewed about the influence of the corona situation on creating new music.

Among the performers are accordionist Andreas Borregaard, who will perform Niels Rønsholdt’s Until Nothing Left (2017) which received its Danish premiere, also performed by Borregaard, at KLANG Festival in 2017. The work has a special approach to the audience in that it is written for accordion solo, performing accordionist, objects, and audience. The purpose of the work is to engage in a direct dialogue with the surrounding audience, which is why KLANG writes: “In the radio concert Borregaard will re-perform the work in a new version which poses the question: How can audience involvement be achieved through the radio?”. Find out by listening to P2 on Tuesday at 19:20.

Concert programme

Damkapellet (approx. 19.30)
Caroline Shaw: Limestone & Felt
Kirstine Lindemann: Further and Back
Improvisation: Imp#X

Christian Winther Christensen (approx. 20.00)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Gigue, fra fransk suite nr. 6 i E-Dur, BWV 817

Andreas Borregaard (approx. 20.30)
Niels Rønsholdt: Untill nothing left – radioversion

Jakob Bloch og Christian Westergaard (approx. 21.00)
Pelle Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Grene grå

Ensemble Lydenskab og Adam Riis (approx. 21.20)
Rasmus Zwicki: Duncan House – radio version

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