Jesper Koch · Dreamscapes · Reviewed

Read the reviews of Jesper Koch's 'Dreamscapes' published by Edition·S and released by Dacapo Records

Dreamscapes album cover by Dacapo Records

Dreamscapes was released November 9 2019 on a record alongside the violin concerto Arcadia Lost and clarinet concerto Lonesome were performed by Odense Symphony Orchestra and released by Dacapo Records. 

Ivan Rod has reviewed Dreamscapes on his blog, saying:

"And once again, Jesper Koch uncover a universe that fascinates. A universe, which is simple, complex, shifting between the dreamy and the insisting all on the same time. Once in a while, one senses his inspiration from folk music, but otherwise, Jesper Koch exposes his audience for clean, refined, new classical music, where the strings carry the music. In general, the music leaves the impression, that an atmosphere of melancholy and nostalgia rules (in this case memories of happiness). In that sense, the music expands on a wide feeling-span".

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In the Danish newspaper Politiken, the headline of the Dreamscapes review says:

"So beautiful, it almost hurts"

The reviewer also emphasizes the soft dreamy landscapes, Jesper Koch creates, saying: 

"Jesper Koch brings the listener into a 'Alice in Wonderland'-world on this dreamy album".

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Dreamscapes album cover by Dacapo Records

Dreamscapes was published by Edition·s in 2007 and touches upon the flight from reality. "Jesper Koch creates dream worlds when he composes", Dacapo Records writes in an interview of Jesper Koch, and the composer elaborates. "I have always escaped into music. As a boy, I experienced music as the ideal world, and I spent most of my childhood by the piano. The real world didn't have the same appeal at all." 

Jesper Koch's is drawn to the world of dreams, and as the years have gone by, this attraction is still strong. As a composer, he paints dreamscapes and invites the listener into other worlds than the real one. A lot of his works deals with nostalgia, longing, and dreams, and Jesper Koch's music is melodious and tonal. 

In the violin concerto Arcadia Lost, Venice is described as in Percy Bysshe Shelley's romantic poem Julian and Maddalo (1819) with a romantic and unredeemed theme. The third piece on the CD is the clarinet concerto Lonesome shaped as a "theme of variations" in one movement, the theme of the clarinet varies as well as loneliness.

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