Final Educate·S issue published

Pieces for Cello is the final issue in the Educate·S collection for teaching purposes - get a 50% discount!


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Pieces for Cello (Stykker for cello) is the final issue in Edition·S’ series Educate·S suited for teaching purposes. The collection consists of 10 pieces by 10 contemporary composers: FuzzyBára GílsadottírJexper HolmenEjnar KandingJesper KochEva Noer KondrupMette NielsenSvend Hvidtfelt NielsenThomas Agerfeldt Olesen, and Niels Rønsholdt.

Educate·S derives from the idea that contemporary composers are played in the music schools so that the student can experience more recent works themselves. The pieces can be played by students of various levels – beginners to MGK-students.

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Østen Mikal Ore is the man behind the initiative. In an interview with Edition·S, Ore said: “The idea was to revive and renew the old tradition spanning from Bach to Bartok who composed specifically for the young student and in that way created a connection between the grand works and the smaller format”. His hope is: “that this series will fill that void in a Danish context and introduce the student to new techniques, sounds and ideas through their own experience of playing”. 

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Educate·S works have been performed at this year’s KLANG-festival where the composers were present. The performance was based on a workshop where the students had a “rare opportunity” Ore said to work with the composers. He continues: “The event gives an opportunity for dialogue and inspiring insight into the composition as well as the experience of the student working with the music. The learning and the gaining of experience go both ways …”.

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