Great reviews for new staging of 'Drot og Marsk'.

The new staging of Peter Heise's opera 'Drot og Marsk' has been very well received. The critics call it "amazingly successful" and "cynical and outstanding."

Photo: Miklos Szabo

When the new staging of Peter Heise's 'Drot og Marsk' (King and Marshal) was premiered 23 March it was performance number 199 of the famous opera at The Royal Danish Theatre. It was, however, the first performance here in 25 years and the first performance ever with the new critical/scholarly edition published in a collaboration between the Danish Centre for Music Publication and Edition·S.

Read more about the recently published critical/scholarly edition of Drot og Marsk here.

The classic 'national opera' was quickly established as part of the regular repertoire after the premiere in 1878, and the critics all agree that the opera deserves to be back at The Royal Danish Opera. 

The Danish newspaper Berlingske writes: "Peter Heise's music is complete in its dramatic structure, rich in beautiful melodies and devoid of superficial pandering and easy solutions [...] 'Drot og Marsk' would have been included in the standard repertoire on opera stages worldwide had it been composed and written by Germans or Italians. It is on that level."

The newspaper Politiken declares that you really get your money's worth in the music of the opera and writes: "The extended opera choir thunders in marvelous choral parts. The Royal Danish Orchestra plays superbly directed by Holten’s long-time collaborator, Michael Schønwandt who knows the score inside and out, and the singer Peter Lodahl delivers a splendid tenor as King Erik." 

‘Drot og Marsk’ can be experienced at an additional 9 performances 28 March - 25 May. Read more and find the dates of upcoming performances here. Furthermore, the opera is to be recorded and published by Dacapo Records.

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