Tasteful Turntable

Lars Kynde
Video art and gallery installation


How does sound affect our perception of food, and how does taste affect our experience of music?

Tasteful Turntable is a sensuous performance that explores this sense interference between music and gastronomy.

The performance takes place around a slowly rotating dining table designed to let the guests experience parallel stimuli through these two senses. Different small dishes containing only one bite each are carefully positioned on the table, and four guests wearing headphones are seated around it. As the table slowly turns, the guests taste the flavors and listen to a synchronized music composition coherent with the position of the foods and their tastes.

For the composer, the tastes are used side by side with the sounds in the score. For the chef, the sounds are used to flavour the other ingredients. 

There has the past few years been a boom in scientific research in the area of how sound affects the taste of our food. Commercially there has also been large interest from Heston Blumenthal in 1997 introduced his iPod-enhanced seafood dish, Sound of the Sea, and till today where Ben & Jerry’s is considering a sonic range of ice-cream flavours. Never the less the goal of the Tasteful Turntable is to use this field of research as a me- dium for artistic expression.

Lars Kynde’s works explore different aspects of synesthesia. How does stimulation of one sense affect our perception through another? He is particularly interested in how music inspires our sense of sight, taste and smell, and in what manner our experience through these senses alters the perception and creation of the music.

Directed, composed by Lars Kynde and Nikolaj Kynde.
Food composition by Mette Martinussen and Augusta Sørensen
Pocelain designed by Giulia Crispiani


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