World premiere of Li-Ying Wu's 'Ritournelle'

Esbjerg Ensemble premieres Li-Ying Wu's new work on 8 April, takes it on tour to Russia and Finland and brings it back to a number of concerts in Denmark.

Photo: Alfred Nguyen

The title of Li-Ying Wu's work is "Ritournelle Rondo alla L’albatro vermicolato", and the composer explains the title's references to the French dance and the fascinating mating ritual of albatrosses.

 "The Ritournelle was originally a French dance in quick triple meter, but the word was also used describing a musical form, where the fast dance-music was superseded with contrasting music. This easily recognisable form later got known under the name rondo, which we find used by for instance Mozart, in the last movement of his piano sonata in A, the rondo alla turca, and Brahms, rondo alla zingarese in the piano quartet in g-minor.

But while Brahms and Mozart points towards the music of Turks and gypsies, the Albatro Vermicolato is the Italian name for the Waved Albatross, also known as the Galapagos Albatross. This bird has a highly developed mating dance, where perplexing gestures and sounds are repeated in ways which for us humans resembles a careful choreographed ritual. This ritual bird-dance, is surrounded by fast music in triple meter – a ritournelle."

"Ritournelle Rondo alla L’albatro vermicolato" is commissioned by Esbjerg Ensemble, and will be premiered 8 April in Smørum. The ensemble brings the concert on tour, performing among other places in Skt. Petersburg and the Tampere Biennial before returning to Denmark with a number of concerts.

Sunday, April 8, 2018 - 16:00 | Smørum Kulturhus (DK)
Esbjerg Ensemble
Smørum Ledøje Musikforening
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