American Record Guide praises Rovsing Olsen songs

The recording of Poul Rovsing Olsen's 'Songs' by Bruun Hyldig Duo receives a great review in America’s oldest classical music review magazine, American Record Guide.

Design: Denise Burt

The critic apparently was not familiar with Rovsing Olsen's work before receiving the record for review, and begins with this statement:

"What a pleasure it is to make his musical acquaintance!"

Poul Rovsing Olsen at one point said that writing music for a poem is like mixing blood with the poet, and he is praised for his way of interpreting the variety of expression in the poems.

"There is not a dull musical moment. The music can be beautifully lyrical in one song and crushingly dissonant in the next. He is not afraid of melody and mixes it with sparser musical lines that underline the meaning of the texts."

'Songs' was released by Dacapo Records in 2017 recorded by an extended Bruun Hyldig Duo: Hetna Regitze Bruun (mz), Steffen Bruun (b), Ulla Millman (fl) and Kristoffer Hyldig (p). The collection of songs are all published by Edition·S. Read more here.

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