World premiere of new piece by Morten Olsen

Athelas Sinfonietta's composer-in-residence Morten Olsen presents new piece Frenzy for piano quintet and electric guitar

Tuesday, February 7th Morten Olsen's piece Frenzy for piano quintet and electric guitar will be world premiering at LiteraturHaus. The concert also marks his first piece as composer-in-residence at Athelas Sinfonietta.

The composer-in-residence agreement runs from 2016-2018, during which the ensemble and composer jointly wish to develop a new musical language and a new practice of meeting between musicians from different genres. More specifically Athelas will be playing with Morten Olsen's rhythmic sextet Be My Friend Quiet, and together they will challenge each other's skills and habits.

Athelas writes on their website: “At each of this year's Brand New Tuesday concerts Athelas will present a new piece by Morten Olsen, our composer-in-residence in 2017. These pieces are, in addition to being an independent piece, each a preliminary study of a larger piece that is presented this autumn, which will include a number of elements, that the ensemble is not use to grapple with on a daily basis.“

Morten Olsen says that with the piece Frenzy they examine, how they can get the electric guitar and the acoustic instruments to inter-operate. “That is the task I have given myself. How do I get the electric guitar to mesh with the piano quintet without it feels like an insane foreign body has entered.“

Read more about the concert here.