Premiere on Morten Olsen's new piece "Nico"

On the opening night of G((o))ng Tomorrow Festival on Friday, October 23. Athelas Sinfonietta Copenhagen will premiere Morten Olsen's new piece "Nico" featuring the singer Jomi Massage, who has also written the text for the work.

About his composition Morten Olsen says:
”Nico” is a broader interpretation or continuation of the artist Nico’s musical universe. In my research for this piece, I was completely overwhelmed by her album The Marble Index (1969). The musical universe on here has become the starting point for my work. Amongst other things this album draws several connections from the 20th (and indeed the 21st) century art music. 

So while this music forms the starting point of my music, my music is also a kind of homage to the music of The Marble Index which is Nico’s debut album. John Cale (who was also with the Velvet Underground) arranged and produced it, which means it’s very hard to decide where Nico ends and where John Cale begins. So my piece might just as well be a tribute to John Cale’s musical universe ...”

The concert starts at 8pm in Koncertkirken on Blågårds Plads. Read more about the concert.

Nico, 1966. Photo by Paul Morrissey.