Bo Holten's 40th anniversary

September 27th the Royal Library will host a concert for composer and conducter Bo Holten celebrating his 40th anniversary as composer

In 2014 the Danish composer and conducter Bo Holten can celebrate his 40th anniversary as a composer. September 27th the anniversary will be celebrated with a concert at The Royal Library (The Black Diamond) where the choir Musica Ficta and the Arild String Quartet will play music by Bo Holten among others a premier of his String Quartet no. 1 commisoned by the Danish Royal Library. 

Bo Holten has composed over 100 works. Seven operas, two symphonies and five solo concertos. Holten has also composed music for films fx Bille Augusts Tro, Håb og Kærlighed and Lars von Tries Forbrydelsens element.

Bo Holten's work is partly published by Edition·S.

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