Me Quitte (version for orchestra)

Niels Rønsholdt
Fm voc, ma voc soli + perc/pno/gui/el-gui/
Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra
A3, 65 pages


The love song reflected in a cabinet of magic mirrors

"The great love is one of the most powerful ideals in our culture. It is not only a Christian religious reminiscence; the happiness that love brings is also the spine of popular culture’s omnipresent worldview. Reality is however in many ways completely different: love is not always a liberating good, on the contrary it is just as often the root of human misery and degradation: Love is also selfish, unromantic, destructive, cruel, humiliating. The unhappy love might even be love’s actual essence – and not its aberration.

One of romantic love’s strongest manifestations is the modern French chanson, personified in singers such as Brel, Brassens, Piaf and many more. Here the dream of the perfect love is unfolded in both music and text, here love lives in the romantic Parisian shine.

The devil sees everything reversed. In hell the good is turned to evil - seen through the magic mirror, beauty is repulsive. In Me Quitte this is paraphrased and interpreted directly: The famous chanson Ne Me Quitte Pas resonates as mirrored, disturbed echoes throughout these songs."
                                                                  Niels Rønsholdt, 2014

2014.06.06 · Politiken 
2014.06.06 · Weekendavisen

Trailer for the ensemble version


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