Before the Veil

Li-Ying Wu perc/arpa/key/
9+ instr
A3, 92 pages


  1. I. Lalu
  2. II. Shin
  3. III. Shin
  4. IV. Flow

Before the Veil is inspired by a nature reserve located in the massive Taiwanese mountains. In the middle of the of the reserve, the Sun-Moon Lake is often veiled in fog. It is a holy symbol to the original population of the area. Before the Veil is an attempt to describe this incredible landscape that is often so heavily hidden in fog that the experience of the place is primarily that of sound. The surrounding sounds are mixed with human imagination and thoughts, and create images of what is hiding behind the lingering veil – the fog.

The work has four parts – the orchestral version of the first and second movements was premiered by Aalborg Symphony Orchestra in 2006. The fourth movement was performed by Esbjerg Ensemble in 2009. All movements have been re-worked in the present version, and with a new third movement has been added. Before the Veil was performed in the full version by Århus Sinfonietta in 2010. 


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