Yngve Jan Trede (1933-2010)

A harpsichordist and pianist, Yngve Jan Trede was born in Germany and graduated from Staatliche Hochschule für Musik and Hamburg with the subjects piano, conducting, music theory and composition in 1960. After that he taught music theory at the same place. In 1961, as a recipient of a scholarship, he studied for nine months at the German academy "Villa Massimo". In 1966 Yngve Jan Trede was employed by the Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen as a music theory teacher, which made him settle in Denmark. He became a Danish citizen in 1970, and between 1973 and 95 he was a professor at the Academy. As a harpsichordist and pianist he has been active as a soloist as well as a chamber musician; since 1974 he has - among others - been a member of the ensemble Musica Danica.

Yngve Jan Trede's oeuvre includes piano music, music for harpsichord, organ music, chamber music, vocal music and chamber orchestra, orchestral music, solo concerts, opera and ballet (e.g. the ballet Variations, which was performed by John Cranko in Stuttgart and Edinburgh; 22 chamber operas commissioned and performed by the Royal Theatre: The Stingy Bastard (!) (1980) and Mirandolina/ or Ambigious Love (1985), both based on lyrics by Poul Borum) and stage music such as Neuer Lübecker Totentanz for orchestra, based on a drama by the German author Hans Henny Jahnn.