Bo Gunge (b. 1964)

Bo Gunge holds an MA in music and drama and graduated with a diploma in composition from the Jutland Academy of Music, Aarhus. Apart from composing Bo Gunge also works as a high school and university teacher, and between 1991 and '97 he was also appointed chairman of the Young Composers Society in Aarhus. The music from his academic years focuses often on choir- or chamber music, including his major work Månebryllupssange (Moon Wedding Songs), where Bo Gunge - as is the case in many other works - employs complicated rhythmical techniques such as phase shifts. In recent years he has mostly been working with larger ensembles. Examples of this include the orchestral work Passager (Passages, 1999) and Uden titel for ten instruments (Untitled, 2001); the latter was awarded the 2nd Prize at the composers' competition arranged by Randers Chamber Orchestra in 2001.