Chamber music



Simon Christensen: Towards Nothingness (2009)

Instrumentation: String quartet, laptop and 4 guitar combos Duration: 9

Jexper Holmen: Oort Cloud (2009)

Instrumentation: S-sax, 2 acc, live processing Duration: 45

Simon Christensen: Sized the Uneven (2009)

Instrumentation: fl, perc, live-electronics Duration: 10

Jesper Koch: Shadow-play (2009)

Instrumentation: cl, perc Duration: 8

Jesper Koch: Eintritt-Abschied (2009)

Instrumentation: String Quartet Duration: 20

Christian Winther Christensen: String Trio (2009)

Instrumentation: vl, vla, vlc Duration: 5

Svend Hvidtfelt Nielsen: Komposition i rødt (2009)

Instrumentation: Fl, cl, bsn, arpa, pno, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 10

Christian Winther Christensen: Septet (2009)

Instrumentation: Bcl, bsn, cor, vl, vla, vlc, cb + video projection Duration: 12

Timothy Baxter: Adagio for Sax (version for piano) (2009)

Instrumentation: Solo sax, pno Duration: 2

Thomas Agerfeldt Olesen: Seven Audio Plays (2009)

Instrumentation: Cl, trb, perc, vlc, db, pno Duration: 25

Timothy Baxter: Adagio for Sax (version for guitar) (2009)

Instrumentation: Sax, guit Duration: 2

Henrik E. Rasmussen: Move! (2009)

Instrumentation: Piano 4 hands Duration: 6

Kasper Rofelt: Shadow Phases (2009)

Instrumentation: Solo acc + fl, cl, Ttrb, perc, hrp, vl, vlc Duration: 25

Kasper Rofelt: La canción que nunca diré (2009)

Instrumentation: Vn, acc Duration: 5

Kasper Rofelt: Saxophone Concerto in 4 Miniatures (2009)

Instrumentation: ASax, Ttrb, 2 perc, vl, vlc Duration: 11

Kasper Rofelt: Écritures (2009)

Instrumentation: Pno, acc Duration: 16

Christian Winther Christensen: Being Apu Sarkar (2009)

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone, piano and percussion Duration: 7

Kasper Rofelt: Nightsong, version 3 (2009)

Instrumentation: Rec, acc Duration: 5

Jeppe Just Christensen: Neko (2009)

Instrumentation: 2 double flexatones and piano Duration: 10

Simon Løffler: (.. .. ....) (2009)

Instrumentation: 2 clarinet mouthpieces, 2 saxophone mouthpieces, viola, distorted electric piano synthesizer, and kalimba Duration: 8

Finn Savery: Saxophone Quartet - 09 (2009)

Instrumentation: Saxophone quartet Duration: 20

Klaus Ib Jørgensen: Still. Moon (2008)

Instrumentation: Fl, cl, pno, vl, vla, vlc Duration: 5

Simon Steen-Andersen: On And Off And To And Fro (2008)

Instrumentation: Ssax, vibr, cb, 3 players with megaphones Duration: 15

Kasper Rofelt: Lysfald (2008)

Instrumentation: Vlc, acc Duration: 12

Regin Petersen: Uden ord (2008)

Instrumentation: Alto saxophone and keyboard Duration: 7