Chambered Music Sample Set (Ableton Live Set)

The Sample Set for Chambered Music is available for download in the form of an Ableton Live Set.

The sample set requires the program Ableton Live in order to be run. It can be downloaded from the Ableton website. See the column on the right for details. 

Once the Ableton Live program is installed and the Chambered Music Live Set downloaded from this website, double click the .alp file or drag it onto the main Ableton window to install it. (You will be asked for a location in which you would like the Chambered Music-LiveSampleMapping folder to be placed.)

Once installed open the project folder and double click on the CM-LiveSampleMapping-2.0.als file in order to open it.


Requires Ableton Live 8.2 or later.




Ableton Live can be downloaded from the Ableton website.
The trial version is fully functional for 30 days.
Ableton Live can however also be run in Demo Mode. Live is fully functional in Demo mode with the exception that saving and exporting are disabled. Since these functions are not required Demo Mode will not affect running the supplied set in any way.