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PULSAR and Edition·S

PULSAR is The Academy's annual festival which takes place in the spring, this year 7-15 March. PULSAR is a festival of contemporary music – music written by student composers and by acclaimed composers from Denmark and abroad. The music played is also a mix of students and established ensembles.

Since 2016 Edition·S has been cooperating with PULSAR and the composer students, helping them making parts for orchestral pieces.

This year the festival collaborates with the Danish National Symphony Orchestra, The Danish National Vocal Ensemble and The Royal Danish Academy of Art to create a 360° survey of young composers and artists.  

This year Esben Nordborg Møller, Finnur Karlsson and Arvid Hansell each have written an orchestra piece which will be premiered on the opening night of the festival. The works are published by Edition·S, and we asked the three composers a few questions about their works and the experience of writing a large orchestral work.

Read the interviews here.

See the full program of the festival here.

Entrance is free to all concerts and events. 

PULSAR Program - 2017

In 2017 composer students Mads Emil Dreyer, Bára Gíslasdottír and Jeppe Ernst each had an orchestral piece performed by Danish National Symphony Orchestra at the opening night. Edition·S has published their works. 

In 2016  PULSAR was featuring composer Christian Winther Christensen and several of his works where performed during the festival. At the opening night the great concert Chromatische Weltmusik was premiered in Denmark by DR Symphony Orchestra and soloists Bjarke Mogensen and Toke Møldrup.  

Martin Stauning also had several pieces performed at the festival, his orchestra piece Burlesque (Ouverture-Dance-Applause), Olympias øjne and Coppélia, while Allan Gravgaard Madsen got the piece Air performed.