Simon Steen-Andersen receives Mauricio Kagel Music Prize

Essen, Germany · The German arts foundation Kunststiftung NRW has decided to award Simon Steen-Andersen the Mauricio Kagel Music Prize 2017.

Photo: Lars Svankjær

This year’s Mauricio Kagel Music Prize will be awarded to Simon Steen-Andersen, the German arts foundation Kunststiftung NRW announced on Thursday.

The Mauricio Kagel Music Prize, which comes with 50,000 euro, was established in 2011. Every two years it is awarded to an artist whose works – like those of the German-Argentine composer Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008) – are interdisciplinary and search for new artistic expressions and new ways to perceive music and sounds.

“Simon Steen-Andersen is a contemporary composer in every way,” the music prize jury says. “His curiousity, humour, honesty and originality have already helped establish his name on the international music scene, where he is known as a wise strategist and a fearless experimentalist.”

Previous awards for Simon Steen-Andersen include the 2017 Ernst von Siemens Composers’ Prize and the 2014 Nordic Council Music Prize for Black Box Music (2012).

Steen-Andersen will receive the Mauricio Kagel Music Prize at an award show in the Philharmonie Essen on Sunday, 29 October.

Previous Mauricio Kagel Music Prize recipients:

  • Georges Aperghis (2011)
  • Michel van der Aa (2013)
  • Rebecca Saunders (2015)