Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

Rune Glerup
Piano solo + perc/archi
Solo(s) + Symphony orchestra
A3, 73 pages


The work was a commission: A concerto for solo instrument and orchestra. Rune Glerup chose the most classical solo instrument – the piano. Choosing a non-traditional instrument would have been like trying to escape the concept of a solo concerto. “If one is to compose a piano concerto, one should compose a piano concerto and not a ‘meta-piece’ that pretends to avoid being a piano concerto even though it is one in reality”, says Rune Glerup. He laid down some classical dogmas, e.g. that there should be a cadence, that the concerto should contain a virtuosic section, that only the keys should be played on (and not inside the piano), etc. In this work the extremes are on the one hand quite brutal and on the other very fragile. It is the result of a violent meeting between the classical characteristics, which arose from Glerup’s dogmas, which in themselves contain something beautiful and fragile, and at the same time the attempt to wrench oneself free of them. The rules were not set up because he wanted to write a classical piano concerto, but precisely to help him find the areas he should break with. In that way he created a kind of friction between the classical form and his current ideas. The piano concerto became an attempt to break up the classical concerto from the inside.

This work was premiered in February 2012.



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