Chamber music



Fuzzy: Ragtime (2016)

Instrumentation: 2 violins Duration: 2

Martin Stauning: Schattenkinder (2016)

Instrumentation: Violin, viola, violoncello & piano Duration: 12

Simon Christensen: Slack Water (2016)

Instrumentation: Two violins Duration: 12

Simon Christensen: Rockin' Sine Slow (2016)

Instrumentation: Amplified flute, accordion, toy piano, viola & live electronics Duration: 30

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: Disruptions (2016)

Instrumentation: for saxophone quartet and 4 floor fans Duration: 10

Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: Towards a Major Third (2016)

Instrumentation: for oboe, clarinet and two violins Duration: 10

Morten Olsen: Frenzy (2016)

Instrumentation: Piano quintet and electric guitar Duration: 10

Ejnar Kanding: Sensitive Shades (2016)

Instrumentation: String quartet and live-electronics Duration: 10

Ejnar Kanding: Sunstone (2016)

Instrumentation: Cello, piano & live-electronics (Max) Duration: 8

Mette Nielsen: Kvartet til minde om en sang (2016)

Instrumentation: String quartet

Mette Nielsen: Odense Havn 1991/2016 (2016)

Instrumentation: for tape and ensemble

Ylva Lund Bergner: Toujours vers toi (2016)

Instrumentation: Fl, cl, tbn, pno, vn I–II, va, vc Duration: 14

James Black: Chorale Preludes (2016)

Instrumentation: Flute, tenor saxophone, guitar, and percussion Duration: 6

James Black: Crow (2016)

Instrumentation: Piano four hands Duration: 9

James Black: En tåre (2016)

Instrumentation: Clarinet and piano Duration: 7

James Black: Kakashi (2016)

Instrumentation: Harp and percussion Duration: 10

Simon Christensen: Three Years On (2016)

Instrumentation: Cello, percussion, zither, and electronics Duration: 12

Ejnar Kanding: Textures & Mosaics, Vol. 1 (2015)

Instrumentation: Clarinet, percussion, piano, violin, violoncello & live-electronics Duration: 34

Lars Hegaard: Sextet (2015)

Instrumentation: for flute, clarinet, bassoon, violin, viola & cello Duration: 9

Allan Gravgaard Madsen: Tanz Suite (2015)

Instrumentation: A.fl, a.sax, guit, perc, pno, vc. Duration: 10

Ejnar Kanding: Texture 4 (2015)

Instrumentation: Bass clarinet, percussion, violin & live-electronics (Max) Duration: 5

Ejnar Kanding: Hammershøi Pieces (2015)

Instrumentation: for cello, piano, and live-electronics Duration: 23

Martin Stauning: Welkende Schalen (2015)

Instrumentation: String quartet Duration: 9

Sven Erik Werner: Tango Interrotto (2015)

Instrumentation: String quartet Duration: 4

James Black: At night, walking shoes full of blood on the door (or, steam heating a room full of opium) (2015)

Instrumentation: Wind Quintet Duration: 10